Will vs. Trust: Do You Know the Difference?

Will vs. Trust: Do you know the difference?

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Learn the difference between a will and a trust and whether these legal documents are something you should set up now!

During this workshop, you’ll learn the basics about how business entities and real estate are handled at your death depending on whether you have a will, a trust, or nothing at all set up.The class is geared towards California residents.

This information is important for your future, because surprisingly over 68% of Americans do not have a will!

You may not know it, but everyone has an estate plan by default. Basically, the state will decide where the majority of your assets go if you do not have a will or trust. Typically, your heirs will inherit your assets by default, but the process of the default estate plan will be very costly and time consuming for your heirs.

A will or trust allows you to control where your hard-earned assets go and to simplify the lives of your loved ones.

This workshop is presented by Courtney Gaw.

Courtney is an estate planning attorney with Gaw Law. Her office serves clients throughout Sacramento, Solano county, and Napa County. Ms. Gaw help clients create estate plans and educate them about the different options.

Date: June 29, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PT

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