Discover the Framework “Emerging Co-Creation”

Expand your practice, a workshop designed for change agents, agile leaders and facilitators


Innovation and creativity often happen through collaboration.

The objective of this workshop is to learn how to thrive in an uncertain economy through the innovative framework Emerging Co-Creation. This requires a new way of working with others and in teams.

When we expand our ability to collaborate and lead others through emerging co-creation, we tap into our curiosity, learning the art of improvisation.

In this practical training experience, we’ll explore the depth of emerging co-creation to understand our role as part of a system and the whole system itself.


Discover a new framework and receive guidance from two expert facilitators and co-creation practitioners to apply it in your role and daily responsibility.

Expand your curiosity muscle and develop an ability to stay safe while navigating uncertainty.

Learn how to lead others using the innovative Emerging Co-creation Framework

What to expect

We’ll take you on a focused, interactive, practical and participatory journey. This is an atypical 3-hour workshop to build skills you can pop in your pocket, take back to work, and use immediately.


This course is for you, if you:

Seek a new way to collaborate with others

Wish to develop your curiosity and improvisation skills

Want to lower your anxiety from constant changes

Want to discover a new practical Framework to lead others

To register:

Your Name: Virginie Glaenzer
Date Offered (if applicable): Jun 24, 2021
Business Name: AcornOak Studio