Individual Spiritual Retreat for Women

What doors will open within? What wants to be illuminated? 

If you are looking for fresh perspectives on the deeper questions of your life, this 2-hour individual spiritual retreat is an opportunity to listen inside and see what is there.

Join Rev. Patricia as she guides you on a journey through the senses using breathing, writing, contemplation, and drawing as paths for illumination.  The retreat will be customized for you.

To ground ourselves and create sacred space, we'll start with breathing exercises and meditation to release stress and tension. 

Prompts from various spiritual traditions offer a chance to respond from your inner wisdom.  These may include poems, prayers, music, visual prompts and/or questions for contemplation.

  • Explore your deepest questions
  • Untangle thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Awaken creativity and imagination
  • Deepen spiritual connection

You will be offered the opportunity to read your writing out loud or share a reflection on the exercise.  However, no feedback will be offered on the writing.

Whether you are rooted in a particular faith tradition, consider yourself spiritual but not religious or simply appreciate nature, you'll walk away with new insights and a deeper connection to self.

Participant Feedback

"I recently attended a two hour retreat at the beginning of the new season. Before beginning, Patricia adeptly put us into Sacred Space, opening up our creative connection to The Creator, so that I felt as though Divine language came through my fingers onto paper, in the form of words, poetry and drawing. By the end of the two hours, I could feel the intensity of Joy, of Spring, and of a new awakening. This feeling is still with me, 4 days later. Thank you Patricia!"

"Thank you for all you’re doing and your spirit of gentleness, protection, encouragement and peace you bring to each session."

“Rev. Patricia facilitated a peaceful, attendee guided workshop. I was encouraged personally in my writing and enjoyed the heart of encouragement for the other writers. Patricia’s calm demeanor and her beautiful welcoming smile was very inviting! "

No prior writing or drawing experience is needed.


Your Name: Rev. Patricia Philippe
Date Offered (if applicable): Sep 14, 2021
Business Name: Reverend Patricia Philippe