Holochain: becoming the artists of the invisible

The Challenge

Today, we’ve reached the limit of our society’s growth due to extreme levels of complexity, which is why it is time to move from top-down siloed structures to more neuro-distributed systems that foster cooperation among individuals.

The Opportunity

In the search for new business and social collective structures, Holochain has appeared as an open-source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications, promising new forms of governance and collaboration in supply chain, social networks and social media, and the emergence of new relationship economies with sharing Economy, social communities, and platform co-ops apps just to name a few.

Register here: https://www.acornoak-studio.net/exploring-holochain

What To Expect

At the end of this interactive workshop, you'll become the artist of the invisible, a phrase coined by Alan Kaplan. You'll have the opportunity to brainstorm in small groups on new emerging business models for a new economy and an evolving society.

Part 1: How Does Holochain Work?
Ledgers, Blockchain, Holochain
How Holochain Can Manifest
Let’s build relationships in break-out rooms

Part 2: Challenging What We learned
What is Economics?
How is Money created?
Where Does our Economy Come From?

Part 3: Exploring Wealth
How Do We Experience Wealth?
Making The Invisible Visible
Exploring wealth in break-out rooms

Part 4: Let’s Imagine
Brainstorming in break-out rooms to explore four possible future frameworks: growth, collapse, discipline and transformation.

Register here: https://www.acornoak-studio.net/exploring-holochain

Your Name: Virginie Glaenzer
Date Offered (if applicable): May 27, 2021
Business Name: AcornOak Studio