Lunch & Learn: Fund Your Mission with Fundraising!

WBC Lunch & Learn: Fund Your Mission with Fundraising!

Event Details:

Is your organization new to fundraising? Have you been relying on one source of income but would like to diversify? Are you a brand-new fundraiser learning the ropes? Or are you experienced and simply want to broaden your skills and make sure you’re not missing a trick? Want to boost the income of your non-profit, organization, charity, cause or Crowdfunder? This course is for you.

What you will learn:

• Understanding the principles of fundraising: what works and what doesn’t

• Knowledge of how to maximize fundraising and crowdfunding from individuals and companies

• How to manage your Board, CEO, co-workers, staff, and volunteers

• How to gather stories and convey them in a manner that motivates donors to give

• Understanding of the different methods of fundraising available

• Tips and tricks to use in on-line fundraising, including Kickstarter and GoFundMe

• Knowledge of the practicalities of fundraising, including donation processing and database management

• Develop fundraising strategies, plot supporter journeys and be confident of what to do next

Presented by:

Dr. Dene’ Starks, Education Director, Black Small Business Association of California

Ms. Starks founded a Non-Profit called Diversif-I Education Group which promotes diversity through education by offering student and staff development programs, mentoring programs, and a host of other educational services to the underserved community.

Date & Time:

April 21, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm PST

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