Women Writing As a Spiritual Practice Session

Curious about writing as a tool to tap into your inner wisdom and awaken to yourself?

Join Rev. Patricia for a journey of self-reflection and spiritual exploration through writing as a spiritual practice. During our time together, we'll write in response to prompts which could include music, poems, prayers or imagery from different spiritual traditions. To ground ourselves and create sacred space, we'll start with breathing exercises and meditation to release stress and tension.

No prior writing experience is needed.

Feedback From Participants

"I like the range of prompts that intimated that spiritual writing can be prompted by any and all experiences."

“Rev. Patricia facilitated a peaceful, attendee guided workshop. I was encouraged personally in my writing and enjoyed the heart of encouragement for the other writers. Patricia’s calm demeanor and her beautiful welcoming smile was very inviting!"

Whether you are rooted in a particular faith tradition, consider yourself spiritual but not religious or simply appreciate nature, all are welcome.

  • Explore your deepest questions
  • Untangle thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Awaken creativity and imagination
  • Deepen spiritual connection
  • Develop as a writer

All sessions are held on Zoom.


Your Name: Reverend Patricia Philippe
Date Offered (if applicable): Sep 15, 2021
Business Name: Reverend Patricia Philippe