Tarot Reading for Clarity and Focus

Tarot readings give you insight into the past, current & future events.

Barbara offers an overview of where you are right now and clarity on the practical steps you need to take to bring you healing, success, and love.

If you were going sailing you would determine what the tides were like before going out to sea. In the same way, it is useful to understand what conditions and challenges you face. Equipped with this knowledge you can make conscious choices that allow your true radiance to shine.

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"The virtual reading with Barbara Biziou was as powerful as an in-person reading. The meditation, shuffling and choosing of cards IRT, and the energy made the experience feel intimate and informative. This was the spiritual moment I needed in quarantine."

Emil Wilbekin, Founder, Native Son

“A Tarot Card reading with Barbara will make you see Tarot in a completely new way. Barbara uses the cards to insightfully analyze the full 360 of your life, with practical, useful information that brings an added dimension to your understanding of any question, concern, or dilemma.”

LAR, Entrepreneur

“Barbara is brilliant… as an intuitive, as a communicator and all-round wise-woman. My recent tarot reading with her rocked my world! The images themselves are so evocative, but her interpretations, insights and perceptive questioning really took it to a much deeper level. I came away with a clear sense of both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for me, and she offered practical suggestions for the inner and outer work I need to do to address those areas. All of that wisdom dispensed with a wonderful blend of empathy and humor, too… she is a treasure.”

Deborah Roth, Spirited Living

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