Turn your Idea into a Business Opportunity

Turn Your Idea into a Business Opportunity – Strategy Sessions

Do you have a great idea or invention?

Are you wondering how to turn that idea into a successful business?

A lot of my clients are overwhelmed by the prospect of writing their business plans themselves. They are often searching for someone who knows the ins and outs of the business planning process for support.

There are lots of confusing templates and examples out there that it’s sometimes hard to know what suits your unique business model.

As a Certified Marketing Professional, Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor, I have spent over 10+ years steeped in this knowledge.

My role is to carefully transform your idea into a compelling business case in such a way that it’ll convince investors and/or lenders to get behind your vision. Tailored to your unique situation, it will answer questions investor or lender questions.

In addition to that, I'll support you with business planning, market research and competitive analysis.

In order to best protect your idea, an NDA will be signed so you can feel at ease discussing your ideas with me.

Only taking on a few, up to 3 new clients for 2021, so if your ready to take your business idea to the next level, contact me ASAP.

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Northern California
Your Name: Dakota Dilger
Business Name: Dako Marketing