Vision 2021: The Great Reset

Are you ready for a Reset in 2021? Are you ready to move into a field of infinite possibilities and leave beyond the heaviness of 2020? If the answer is YES then I have something amazing to share with you. Big shifts are occurring on a global scale, and VISION 2021 will help you prepare to be part of it!

The world is going through unprecedented change and we all require greater resources to ground us, stabilize us and allow us to navigate these changing times. All leadership requires vision and it is time to re-vision our lives and our world.

Here is what VISION 2021 can do for you:

• Enable you to release what is no longer working so you can make space for new opportunities.
• Connect you with supportive people who are on the same path and can help you along the way.
• Spark your creativity and reignite that fire within you once again.
• Make choices that are aligned with your highest vision and true purpose
• Find new ways to manifest all you desire.

During this transformational weekend you will be immersed in:

• Powerful rituals to clear any blocks that may be preventing you from opening up to greater possibilities
• Spiritual teachings designed to increase your intuitive capacities, connect you, and ground you into the higher frequencies that are now available on our planet.
• Therapeutic sound healing by master Sound Healer Joule L’Adara that opens the channel to your higher self
• Interactive dance that boosts your internal energy and ups your vibrational frequency with guest instructor Biana Rothchild.
• Special guest: Emily Fletcher’s will be sharing her Ziva Meditation manifestation technique
• A fun, advanced Vision Board exercise that takes vision boarding to the next level and helps you document and amplify your desired manifestations for the New Year.
• Small group sharing with like-minded souls committed to stepping into their power in a way that empowers everyone.

You will walk away from VISION with increased clarity, a supportive community and a true sense of excitement for all that you want to achieve in 2021. Simply put, you’ll be ready to LEVEL UP in all areas of your life!

Barbara is offering a special payment plan which would allow you to take advantage of this amazing weekend VERY affordably. Visit Barbara’s website at for details.

Your Name: Barbara Biziou
Date Offered (if applicable): Jan 23, 2021
Business Name: Barbara Biziou Productions LLC