Diversity Masterminds®: Master your Certification & Grow

It can take years for diverse suppliers to get on the right track. With Diversity Masterminds you get decades of experience in just 8 weeks! You will have more productive conferences and conversations, provide value, and make meaningful relationships that lead to business opportunities.

We will cover:

What is Supplier Diversity (SD) and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) exactly?

The benefits of SD and D&I

Tips to leverage the certification locally and nationally

What to expect and not to expect from affiliates/RPOs

How to conduct your market research

How to evaluate partnerships for teaming, Tier II and subcontracting

Clarifying your value proposition for large organizations

Making SD managers your advocates

Developing an event playbook

Maximizing your events

Closing the sale

Included with each course is a workbook you will use to create your certification road map.
Get on the right track to leverage your certification to win bigger clients and more of them. www.diversitymasterminds.com

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