Health Initiatives: Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate


What if you could learn the basics of Nutrition and translate them into everyday actionable steps to follow in the kitchen and at mealtimes?

What if you could stop obsessing about weight outcomes and turn your attention towards setting up a system to cook, eat, and shop healthy?

What if you could identify and unlearn the habits that don't serve you anymore and replace them with the ones that do?


'Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate' is a step-by-step online program in Nutrition, designed exclusively for Indian women by Girija Satyanarayan, Founder of Health Initiatives.

It helps you understand the basics, teaches you the secrets for getting over your cravings, guides you in cultivating habits that are aligned to your goals, and gets you closer to your dream weight.


'Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate' is a beautifully structured program offered in a sequence of seven modules - each building over the earlier such that, you have the highest chance of getting the results you desire. A new module is made accessible every week. Here is a bird's eye view of the themes in each module.

Module 1 - Mindset: Eating healthy begins with cultivating the mindset to evaluate information and ask the right questions.

Module 2 - Environment: A big part of eating healthy is about understanding the role of Environment and its effect on your eating behavior.

Module 3 - Behavior: It is imperative to examine behavior in its context and how it brings the feeling of joy.

Module 4 - Nutrition - Big 3: Understanding the basics of Nutrition with respect to Carbs, Protein and Fat, so you can evaluate the information out there intelligently.

Module 5 - Nutrition - Important 3: Understanding the basics of Nutrition with respect to Minerals, Vitamin and Fiber to help you process information with the right frame of reference.

Module 6 - Ethics: Understanding our food and food choices from an Ethics perspective to give you a logical framework to make your everyday food decisions from a place of informed choice.

Module 7 - Strategies: Like they say, "if you fail to prepare, you'd better prepare to fail" is very true when it comes to eating in alignment with your goals, in a social setting. This is where you learn the secrets.

Module 8 - Resources: This module is loaded with kitchen-smarts for making healthy food taste heavenly.

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