Free 30-Minute Consult for Your Food Business

Food Service is successful when your customers walk away feeling that they have had a delicious meal that was purchased at value. I'll help you achieve operational efficiency and maximize your profits, while also ensuring you deliver the absolute best product and service possible to your customers.

With more than 30 years of experience in all operational aspects of running foodservice facilities, both large and small, I bring deep expertise to helping you stabilize operations while increasing revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction at your own restaurant, cafe, or cafeteria.

I do that through an assessment of many critical factors that all need to work together seamlessly, including:

  • Pricing Strategy & Customer Perceived Value
  • Menu Planning
  • Food Quality & Presentation
  • Food Costs
  • Marketing of Product
  • Vendor/Supplier Review
  • Purchasing Agreements
  • Inventory Control
  • Employee Training
  • Cleanliness
  • P&L Analysis & Optimization
  • And most importantly, Customer Service

I have increased sales by up to $400 per day for a neighborhood cafe. And as a key member of the Food Service Board of Sacramento's San Juan Unified School District, I managed an initiative to turn around the School's Food Service Department. In only 4 years, we turned a $500,000 dollar per year deficit into a $750,000 dollar per year profit while also increasing customer satisfaction and food quality.

Contact me for a free 30-minute call to discuss the challenges you're facing with your food business and how I might be able to help you.

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