Online Showcase for Women Entrepreneurs

We’re delighted so many were able to attend WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT and California Capital’s first Online Showcase for Women Business Owners and the launch of our new Northern California Marketplace for women entrepreneurs!

We all learned so much from the nine entrepreneurs who shared their journeys and their businesses, along with the coping strategies that have enabled them to pivot and adapt to the challenges of these changing times.

If you weren’t able to join us on 6/2, just click on the video player below to watch the webinar at a time that’s convenient for you.

The advice our entrepreneurs shared is timely, useful & inspiring!

And if you’d like to connect with any of the entrepreneurs we interviewed, here are links to their Marketplace Listings, along with a memorable quote or two from our conversation.

  • Danielle Marshall, Founder, Emfor Group, a Business Development Consultancy, Counselor at CA Capital, Former President, Natomas Chamber of Commerce, & U.S. Air Force Veteran

“Stand in your truth! Take ownership and be unapologetically who you are. Don’t wait until you have all the answers. No one knows everything. We all have the ability to start now.”

  • Tina Reynolds, “Chief Juggler” and Founder, Uptown Studios, a full-service marketing firm, Founder, WomenUp Power Network, Mentor to small business owners

“Say YES, and bring enthusiasm to all the things you do. I tell my team, our goal is to make everything we do EASY, FUN & POPULAR!

  • Mimi Donaldson, Founder and President, Mimi Speaks!, TED Talk Coach, Communications Expert, Author, “Pitch Perfect: Speak to Grow Your Business in 7 Simple Steps”

“Answer the questions in your audience’s minds. Lead with a problem you know they have. They want to know “what’s in it for me?” Craft your words and make every sentence quotable.”

  • Carla Bayot, Founder, Farmers Market on Wheels, Engineering and design for Cisco, Apple and Microsoft, Design and manufacture of products from satellites to XBOX

“We launched Farmers Market on Wheels in 3 weeks, built our website in 3 days and went from 20 to 40 customers via word of mouth.” “We gave work to displaced workers at Farmstands, enabling them to take on new roles.”

  • Constance Agee, Owner, Agee Fashion Institute and Agee Apparel Group, Creator, Sewn Products Network, Leader in Sacramento’s Maker Community

“The pandemic propelled us to create the Sewn Products Network. Our five-week training program enables our students to start a manufacturing business and scale it to their own needs.”

  • Cami Flake, Photographer, Producer, Multimedia Storyteller. Creating Videos, Story Capsules, and Legacy Portraits

“I love going deeply into women entrepreneur’s stories, using visual storytelling to express the essence of their brands and who they are in an authentic way.”

  • Sarina Simon, Co-Founder, SparxWorks, Full Service Digital Studio. Mobile, AR and Web Solutions, Independent Consultant and Entrepreneur, Expert in Online Learning Platforms

“We put our futuristic augmented and mixed reality work to the side and repivoted to online learning in response to the current increased demand, and because our clients are focusing on “must-haves.”

"View change as a choice, not as a burden!”

  • Dr. Aymee Coget, CEO and Founder, Happiness for Humankind, Coach and Workshop Leader, Author, “Happiness for Humankind: Sustainable Happiness in 5 Steps

“We’re all scared, anxious and depressed because the things we’ve relied on for happiness are gone. Ask for help. Don’t wait around. Challenge yourself. Live in the moment. Choose happiness!”

  • Jacqueline Warner, Owner, 94960art, Visual strategies to communicate your brand in beautiful and authentic ways, Creative Studio and Playground

“In my business, I’m drawn to women who are putting themselves on the line. I use my tech background, creating websites and imagery that help business owners convey their messages online honestly and authentically, in the way they want to tell it.”

View the full webinar here:

Featured Regional Marketplace:
Northern California
Date Offered (if applicable): Jun 15, 2020