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If you’re an entrepreneur, who wants to grow your business and make more money this year, WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Co-Founders, Peggy Doyle and Joanne Friedland Roberts are here to help you succeed. Our Small Business Growth Coaching Program will walk you through the process of designing and executing a winning growth strategy that will help you take your business to the next level. Joanne and Peggy will personally lead these one-on-one sessions.


If you’re looking for highly focused, warm and wise, one-on-one attention, wholly aligned with your unique business needs, our personal consulting and business guidance is made for you.

Our Small Business Growth Coaching Program is for women businesses owners who are looking to define, refine or develop a successful business growth strategy & plan. We’ll work with you to clarify your business goals, clearly convey your unique value and brand story, and optimize your digital presence so you can attract more customers, clients and opportunities.


An 8-week one-on-one business and brand development program customized to your specific needs.

We’ll work with you individually over an 8-week period of time for 60 minutes each week. All sessions will be held in person, via ZOOM video conferencing, SKYPE or on the phone.


  • Clarify your venture’s mission, vision and purpose

  • Fine-tune your brand story so that YOU, your customers and potential partners understand the value of your products and services

  • Identify your unique thought leadership positioning to enable grassroots PR

  • Clearly define your customers and identify potential partners

  • Analyze your business’ marketing strategy across all your marketing channels, including your website and social media channels, email, print, and more, outlining strategies and tactics to optimize business growth

  • Develop a content marketing plan that will enhance your brand and raise your visibility with your ideal customers

  • Support new content creation and curation

  • Help you source the additional expertise you need

During this 8-week period we’ll provide worksheets and assignments to help you keep track of your progress and hold you accountable to make sure you’re achieving your goals.


At the end of the 8-week session, you’ll have:

  • A winning brand story that makes you and your business stand apart from the competition

  • An optimized and unified digital marketing “footprint” that ensures your business’ identity is consistent across all of your marketing channels

  • A growth marketing plan tailored to the specific needs of your business and the resources you have at hand

  • A toolkit of resources, vetted experts and more, customized to your particular needs, that you can tap into moving forward.


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For those of you who don’t yet know us well yet, we’re Joanne Friedland Roberts and Peggy Doyle, Co-Founders of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, and successful serial entrepreneurs with a lifetime of experience running businesses of our own.

We’ve coached, trained and mentored hundreds of women business owners, with all kinds of businesses, from graphic design studios and digital production companies to financial accounting firms, marketing agencies, and SEO consultancies. Some of the women we’ve worked with sell wellness and lifestyle products. Others create business rituals and corporate training programs. All are eager to generate more money for their businesses and entrepreneurial ventures! And we’re always gratified when we can help them achieve new levels of success.

We’re also both award-winning producers, marketers and content creators, and we’ve shared our entrepreneurial expertise via video, TV, panels, podcasts, webinars and blog posts. We’re part of a small group of women business owners who were chosen as featured Mentors for New York City’s Department of Small Business Services’ WE NYC, a Mayor’s Office initiative dedicated to providing pro-bono coaching and mentoring services to some of the 350,000 women entrepreneurs in New York City. We’re founding members of NY Women in Business Coalition and have been featured on panels and events produced by NYU Alumni Network, Made in NYC Media Center and more.

We’re passionate about leveraging our experience, expertise and everything we’ve learned over the course of our careers to help you build your own businesses. Because we truly believe, we’re better when we band together. 



"Joanne coached me to clarify my brand story, and more clearly define the products and services I offer so that I could connect with more customers and clients. She made the process (which I had been avoiding and had stressed me out) easy and enjoyable. Over the years she’s helped me with everything from making my website more user friendly, to developing digital content and focusing on revenue generating strategies to grow my business. "

- Barbara Bizou, Barbara Bizou Productions


“Peggy helped me define a winning digital marketing strategy for a business I had been successfully running offline and through eBay for several years. Then she rolled up her sleeves and helped me execute that plan, creating a clean, modern website and digital marketing identity that I love. I made several unsuccessful attempts to do this on my own before I tapped into Peggy’s expertise. And I’m so glad I did. We’re now equipped to reach many more qualified new customers and meet the requests of repeat customers too. I expect this will help us generate a lot more sales.”

- Don Kiel, Serigraphia Limited


"Joanne has consulted with us over the years marshaling her extensive experience in media and entrepreneurship. She helped us shape and clarify our brand story, inspiring us to expand our customer outreach and use digital media in new and productive ways. Joanne shepherded us through the process of creating, writing and producing our new website with amazing patience, innovation and an unfailing sense of humor. A seasoned entrepreneur herself, Joanne excels at helping other women grow their own ventures."

- Freda Mindlin, Opportunity Resources, Inc.



One of the best things about working with us is the additional access we provide to a range of experts and a pool of potential customers.

Our community at WNW has grown rapidly over the past year, and we currently reach more than 20,000 women entrepreneurs. Many of these women have expertise that can fill gaps in your knowledge. Others want or need your products and services. Now’s the time to put our community to work for you.

WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT’s Marketplace offers you the opportunity to promote your products and services, and as part of this program, we’ll help you create Marketplace listings that showcase the best of what your business offers, so you stand out from the crowd.

We also offer our Referral Network services at no additional cost. Our Referral Network helps business owners identify the right expertise they need to support their business, define the position or project clearly and accurately, and then identify and vet candidates for you. If you choose to take advantage of this service, we’ll provide you with a list of three possible candidates for you to fill consulting, contract or freelance roles for your business.


Our hourly fee is $250 for one-on-one coaching. A package of eight sessions is available at a reduced rate of $1,750.

Our coaching sessions can take place at a time and in a way that works best for you - in person, via Zoom video, SKYPE conferencing or phone.

We’ll meet weekly for one hour, and after each coaching session, we’ll send you a weekly email that outlines that week’s assignment, resources to provide further support and a summary of what we covered on our call. Each week we’ll guide you step-by-step through a process that will help you move the needle on your growth goals, with realistic expectations of the time you can devote to it while also running your business. For those who want more support and can spend more time with the process, we can also be available for additional email interaction and coaching during the week between sessions.


If you’re ready to grow your business and connect with new customers, clients and opportunities too, get started now. Contact us for a free, 20-minute call to assess whether this is right for you & your business. We’ll discuss your business needs and our growth accelerator program in greater detail so you can determine how you can make the most of the program.

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