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The Secret to Seeing It All: Your Five-Year Travel Plan

Photo Credit: Justine Seligson

Photo Credit: Justine Seligson

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Do you have travel regrets? Did you take your whole family to Paris only to discover that your 4 year old could care less about museums? Did you miss taking your kids to the Grand Canyon and now they’re out of the nest? Did you spend too much money on your Colorado ski trip because you waited until the last minute to book it?

Travel mistakes can be costly—not just monetarily, but in terms of the lost time and the fact that you may not have the opportunities again. No matter what your age, travel time is precious and should not be left to happenstance.

Travel Designer Susan Farewell has been helping her clients manage their travel portfolios for years and has found that the most effective tool is a Five-Year Travel Plan which helps maximize one’s travel time and money.

At this event, Susan will show us how to create a Five-Year Travel Plan and will provide the pragmatic advice we need to realize our travel dreams.

Online via Google Hangouts

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 18, 2016
9 AM PT/12 pm ET

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About Susan

Susan Farewell is a lifelong traveler, who’s as comfortable trekking across a glacier in Greenland or exploring the savannas of Africa, as she is walking through the aisles of Trader Joe’s.  

A former travel editor at Condé Nast in New York City, writer for the New York Times and author of several books, Susan has also served as a travel correspondent for radio and TV programs. Susan is a travel designer and her company, Farewell Travels, specializes in customizing trips for her clientele of sophisticated, discerning travelers.