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VISION Booster: Spring Forward to Success!

Event Details

Vision Booster, a day-long retreat lead by WNWN Member & "Practical Spirituality" expert, Barbara Bizou, is designed to provide the tools and support you need to keep moving forward and stay on track with your vision.

As we travel through life, we are apt to hit many bumps along the way. Sometimes when we are creating new beliefs and structures, there is a feeling of chaos and confusion. The old is over and the new has not yet materialized. This is actually a great time for the creative process because you have the opportunity to recreate yourself and your goals. Having a sense of community and support is crucial to sustaining happiness and leads to increased resiliency and success.

We are riding on the waves of the new season and the energy of Aries- the first sign in the Zodiac. Let us embody the qualities of adventure, courage, enthusiasm, confidence and dynamism. 

Whether you are creating good results and want to make them great or if you are temporarily stuck, this workshop is for you.

This is going to be a fun-filled day of exercises and ritual. It will also give you an opportunity to re-connect with others who are consciously creating their lives with passion and purpose.

Come retreat, unplug, recharge & give yourself a soul vacation in the embrace of a like-minded community and participate in:

  • Exercises to lift your vibration & overall success.
  • Results oriented tools to give you clarity and connection to your true inner source of wisdom and inspiration.
  • Prescriptions to empower your authentic self in all of life’s transitions.
  • Self-care rituals to support your journey and help you clear any blocks that are holding you back.

The Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Avenue
New York NY 10016

Date & Time:
Sunday April 3, 2016
9 AM - 5 PM



About Barbara

Barbara Bizou has written a series of books on The Joy of Ritual, and appeared frequently as a “practical spirituality” expert on CBS, NBC and FOX TV. She was also the resident “ritual expert” on Hallmark’s New Morning and was showcased as the “life coach” on Morgan Spurlocks “30 days” for FX. Barbara’s also a Huffington Post blogger whose work has been featured in the NY Times, NY Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and

Barbara works with individuals, businesses and not-for-profits, providing a wide range of services that include customized workshops and seminars, keynote speeches and private coaching sessions.