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Color's Solar Power

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Join Architectural Color Designer, Kimberly Collins Jermain, at the Portland Society for Architecture's May Conversations Event, Color's Solar Power. 

Those serious about green design know that small gains in energy reduction really add up. Color selections in material use may seem like the icing on the cake, but strategic planning from the start of a design enhances natural light, perceptions of space and perceived temperature. 

No longer simply a tool for style and décor, color has shown itself to be a force for sustainable architectural solutions. This workshop begins where Josef Albers left off in "Interaction of Color", the ground breaking 20th Century color theory text. If you've found yourself wondering how you can make use of the illusions that you learned in design school, be prepare to be amazed by what can be done with color in 3D.

 Taking our cues from the human response to sunlight, we will examine the principles of color perspective in current architectural designs. Supported by recent neuroscience, long held practices of 19th and 20th century landscapes painters will be explored for their value to making the built environment more to our liking. When seen from the point of controlling human perceptions with the power of the sun, you will never again overlook the impact of a color choice.

Portland Society for Architecture
Creative Office Pavilion (COP)
141 Middle Street, Portland Maine

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About Kimberly 

Kimberly Collins Jermain is a landscape painter, teacher and practicing architectural color designer who has pioneered the strategic use of color for the built environment. Collaborating with owners, architects and designers for over 25 years her color guidance has added value and comfort to commercial and residential projects throughout New England, the US and abroad.