Liz Whitehead

Hi, I'm Liz. You may be wondering: what is diversity certification? Why is diversity important to big buyers? Well, I can tell you! Diverse Business Certification is a powerful business development tool for businesses owned by the new majority - people with disabilities, women, minorities, veterans and the LGBTQ community. To harness that power, you need to understand how to leverage the opportunities that diversity certification provides. I put you on the right track to making meaningful relationships within the #supplierdiversity network, have more productive conversations, and win new business.

Certified diverse business enterprises struggle identifying opportunities or get overwhelmed by opportunities that aren't right for them. My consulting clients are newly certified businesses and companies that have been certified for over 10 years. They need a custom strategy so they know the right next steps specific to their businesses. They are searching for community within a large national organization and they are confused about how to get a return on their investment in their diversity certification.

For two decades, I have consulted with businesses on how leverage diversity to achieve their business goals with national diversity certification, both domestically and internationally. My clients include Fortune 500 companies who want to bring their supplier diversity education to the next level. and small to medium sized businesses who want to sell to those companies.

Diversity Masterminds® is a good place to start to Master your Certification and Grow your Business. The 8 module course gives you a strategy to build meaningful connections with supplier diversity professionals and buyers, increase your visibility and win new business with national diversity certification.

100% of our participants would recommend Diversity Masterminds® because they leave with a strategy and next steps to execute, a cohort of peers in your supplier diversity network, and peace of mind that you are making the most of your investment in certification.

12PointFive will help you build on that road map to continue to grow your client base and maximize your certification. I bring in your team and work the plan with you to increase matchmakers, win visibility, and get new business opportunities. You, too, can experience the power of diverse business certification.

If you want to save time and money while actually leveraging your certification, feel free to schedule a call here:

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