I am co-founder of SparxWorks, a full service digital studio specializing in mobile, AR and web solutions. We master emerging technologies and implement innovative solutions so that your products stay ahead of the curve. We have worked with many companies, both large and small. Let us help you make your products stand out from the crowd!

SparxSDK adds amazing AR capabilities to your existing app. Leverage your team, no new skills to learn, no hardware or software to buy. Just add AR to your app instantly!
• Designed for content publishers and advertisers
• Supports any iOS and Android native mobile apps
• Leverage new and existing content
• Create engaging experiences in minutes! No coding needed!
• Fully managed SaaS, headache free!
• Analytics included.

Our SparxPrivate (White Label) can provide you with a fully operational AR branded application in weeks. Need more than AR? Our flexible architecture allows us to add functionality with ease. Fully managed SaaS!
• Have your own app within weeks
• Create engaging AR content with ease, no coding!
• Cost effective
• Analytics
• Need more features? We can help.

The perfect solution for the small business and independent professionals.
• Publish content in minutes
• No coding or tools to learn, Drag and drop!
• Leverage traffic from all content publishers
• Cost efficient
• Fully managed SaaS
• Free app for your consumers
• No long term contracts

Professional Services:

Our amazing team of professionals is ready to help you with your project or content needs. More than 15 years of experience. We provide a perfect blend of creative vision with technological expertise. Our writers and marketing pros are always available to create content that engages audiences and our engineers are experienced at supplementing in-house teams.

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