I hold a master’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in education and have more than 20 years of experience as an advanced Reiki practitioner, Okuden (Third Degree). During a one-hour session, I will lightly lay or hover my hands over key chakra points (energy centers) along your body, as well as address any specific areas of concern. After just one session, my clients report experiencing deep relaxation, an immediate reduction in stress and an overall boost in energy and mood.

Because Reiki helps accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal, treatments can help improve any number of physical and psychological conditions including:

• Symptoms of perimenopause and menopause
• Arthritis and fibromyalgia
• Sports injuries
• Post-operative recovery
• Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
• Side-effects of chemo and radiation therapies
• Anxiety and depression
• Grief and loneliness


"I had never experienced Reiki before and so I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t have had a better first experience than with Hope Tarr. She took the time to explain the process, and the actual session was so relaxing; it did a great deal to lower my stress levels. If you’ve never had Reiki, try it with Hope!" — Suzan Colón, author of Yoga Mind. 30 Days to Enhance Your Spiritual Practice and Revolutionize Your Life from the Inside Out

"Hope Tarr is a gifted healer who uses her gifts with compassion and integrity. Her Reiki treatments helped speed my recovery from a radical surgical procedure. I am deeply grateful for her presence at such a crucial time in my life." — Joyce, New York, NY

Your Name: Hope C. Tarr, Ph.D.
Business Name: Hands of Hope Reiki™