Trust your Gut Coaching Sessions

Do you wish you could make better decisions and choices but are not sure how to trust yourself?

Do you find it hard to relax?

Do you sometimes get filled with anxiety or fear?

Imagine knowing how to access guidance so that you finally feel – powerful, centered, and confident. You CAN get out of your busy mind & discover your gut wisdom.

Michelle Cohen helps clients around the globe hone and focus their instincts for personal and business success. She has worked as a private coach and workshop facilitator for over twenty years.

Michelle is a deeply skilled intuitive and has given thousands of readings in her career. She has the unique ability to read your personal blue print and get to the core blocks and either heal, transform or destroy them.

She assists her clients in making the highest quality choices on their unique and individual path. Michelle’s approach exponentially changes the way her clients perceive themselves and work with others in positive and permanent ways. It is a super fun and extraordinarily intense experience, empowering you and your life to the fullest!

Treat yourself to a one hour phone session with Michelle.

“Michelle- everything you sensed about my new job is true! You mentioned me standing my ground and keeping boundaries - 6 months into the job, I informed my supervisor that it wasn’t what I thought it would be and she not only improved her supervision but gave me an immediate raise. The following year, my pay increased by 45%!! Crazy but true! Thanks for giving me the insight into my success!! And yes, please use this statement as an endorsement!! Lots of love and thanks for all the good you put out there!”
- Alison Walker Milligan, Northport, NY

Your Name: Michelle Cohen
Business Name: Michelle Cohen Projects