Holistic Voice Lessons

The human voice is a constantly changing instrument. It is affected by what you eat, how you sleep, your emotional state, your physical health and numerous other factors. This vocal work is about staying present in your body through all of these changes and learning how to adapt your technique to address the varying needs of your instrument in a fluid way.

Lessons are catered to the individual, and there is the opportunity to explore the full range of each student's unique voice. Students are invited to sing the music they are most drawn to. Novice singers develop a healthy, body-connected singing (and speaking) technique from the start, and experienced singers refine their understanding of their instrument as they nurture their own distinctive sound.

Check out holisticvoicenyc.com for more information. Please get in touch by emailing heidi@holisticvoicenyc.com to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

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