Okama means the path that runs around the neck and its purpose is to protect the woman's heart, empower her, and to highlight her beauty. The waves of the Okamas are full of ancestral Embera Chami wisdom and crafted from generational weaving techniques. Every Okama tells a story, the conscious complexity of colorful patterns of nature. Every piece can take up to 20+ days to complete. Designs are 100 % exclusive and are a hybrid of culture and history. We guarantee no two necklaces will ever be the same!

WHO WE ARE: Lele Bombe is a social enterprise collaborating with Colombia's indigenous artisan community aimed to connect people to handmade wearable art with a cause. We work solely with displaced indigenous communities, often victims of Colombia’s past armed conflict. We believe in helping indigenous artisans preserve their unique culture and showcase their distinctive art to the world.

OUR MISSION: Connecting People & Creating Positive Impact One Indigenous Pueblo At A Time. Our goal is to create sustainable trading opportunities for indigenous communities for the preservation of their culture and craftsmanship. We want to celebrate their art and empower tribal leaders, women artisans and their families.

OUR TEAM DIFFERENCE: We make sure that a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a sustainable future for our artisans and their families. View our Social Impact Project - Ceremonial Center Repair Video. We joined forces with a human rights lawyer that works with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia to guide us through the collaboration process. The artisans we work with determine the price of each piece based on the complexity and the time it takes to complete.

Your Name: Alexa Simeone
Business Name: Lele Bombe Fresco Eco Jewelry