Own Your Destiny: Money Coaching for Women

Are you interested in changing your financial life for the better? Are you ready to rewrite your money story? You're in the right place. I am a life coach specializing in working with women and teenage girls seeking a happy, healthy relationship with money.

Do you feel confused by your finances but unsure of how to get a grip? I'll help you attain financial clarity and map out a plan.

Are you intimidated by looming expenses like college or retirement? I’ll help you set savings targets and steps to reach them.

Is debt causing you stress? Together we'll create a repayment strategy and a roadmap to get it done.

And those are just the start.

Together, we can uncover intangible money mindsets that may be holding you back and find inner strengths you can tap instead. Clients of mine have become capable stewards of their finances, skilled salary negotiators, fearless seekers of financial security, and sure-footed planners of their future. I’d like to help you do the same, and I'm offering a special one-on-one coaching rate for What Now What Next Members!

I meet with clients in my home office, or by phone or Skype. You can read about my background here: https://ownyourdestinycoaching.com/about-kelley/

If you are ready to lose your money gremlins and create a healthy financial life, please get in touch. I am right here for you.

Your Name: Kelley Holland
Business Name: Own Your Destiny Coaching