Tutoring, Exam Prep, College Counseling, Ages 12 to Adult

Crimson Coaching provides tutoring services to students aged 12 to adult in ALL academic subjects, for ANY standardized test or college / post-graduate application. Crimson Coaching’s clients have been accepted to the nation’s top independent schools, liberal arts colleges, and Ivy League universities. Founded by Harvard graduate Dominique Padurano in 2014, Crimson Coaching offers private and group instruction in person throughout the New York metropolitan area and online tutoring to clients worldwide. We differ from other tutoring and test prep companies in our coaches' own education and teaching experiences at some of the nation's top high schools and universities, and our highly personalized attention to our students. Crimson Coaches also accommodate families’ schedules by tutoring evenings, weekends, and online whenever necessary.

We also offer time management, organization and study skills training, and stress reduction coaching to children and adults. Our Founder and Head Tutor, Dr. P., is also a certified yoga teacher and combines this expertise with her 10 years of classroom teaching and 30 years of tutoring experience to change the lives of busy families in profound ways.

Finally, we offer coaching in French, Spanish and Italian for those students who feel more comfortable speaking in their native tongue. Dr. P's own experiences as a student abroad and coach to expatriates have sensitized her to the needs that speakers of other languages face in new academic settings.

Call (718) 514-0387 or email us to speak directly to Dr. Padurano for a complimentary consultation today! (N.B.: hourly rate quoted above is based on a package of 10 hours; single hour rate =$300; the hourly rate for packages of 20 or more hours is less than $250.)

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