Reach Your Optimal Health with Nutritional Cleansing!

I coach clients who want to lose weight, increase energy & build lean muscle, age healthily and if they so desire, create an additional income. You deserve to feel your best. It is completely possible! Call 347-831-6480 to schedule a free consultation.

After hesitantly jumping into a nutritional cleansing program in the summer of 2014, I ended up losing extra weight, getting my energy back and actually looking forward to my workouts. But something else happened during this time; people started asking me what I was doing. I felt so much better and my colleagues, friends and family members took notice. I started telling them about the nutritional program with which I had success and then enrolling & coaching them on their own programs.

Now I get to coach clients on their own nutritional programs and work with fellow coaches who have also experienced amazing results through nutritional cleansing and desire to inspire others to achieve their wellness goals and dreams. I am seeking other motivated, health-conscious and positive people to collaborate with and new clients who want to feel their best!

Your Name: Shannon Aquino
Business Name: Transformation and Prosperity Coach