Speak Up… Speak Out… - Assertive Communication Training

Ever feel like someone’s pressed the mute button on your voice?

You’re at a meeting. You know you have important info to add but the time never seems “right.”

Your direct report is underperforming. You struggle to give them feedback.

You’re with a client. There’s an opportunity to introduce new business. You don’t.

Wouldn’t it be freeing to know how to find your unmute button? Raise the volume on your communication? Win the recognition and respect you deserve?

As a communication and public speaking expert, I have a winning formula for making your communication shine whether, leading a meeting, giving feedback, interviewing or giving a formal presentation.

Work with me to:
• Learn brain science hacks to uncover and reframe your barriers to assertiveness
• Crack the code to projecting unshakeable confidence
• Use 3 steps to give feedback with no pushback
• Learn the language of LUVE™ to express valuable opinions that get heard

If you're in NYC we can work together in-person. Out of the area we can work via Skype .

To schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, follow this link. https://speaketc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=474238

I’m offering a special 3 session package at $550 for members of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT.

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