Delicious Duo Spotlight Coaching Call

Sometimes it feels a little dark in there, I know. Like no matter how hard you work at this thing called healthy eating and living, you still can’t see the forest for the trees.

It’s helpful to recognize that we live in a time (and culture) where there is a cacophony of advice at our fingertips.

All day. Every day.

In the midst of all this noise, we sometimes lose the capacity to explore a deeper wisdom. That wisdom is grounded in our food roots, our personal narrative around food and nourishment.

A spotlight coaching call is a place where we can shine a light on what’s IS working for you and then bring that energy to the places that remain in the shadows. It’s also a place where we can unravel any stuck points.

I’m offering this session to members of WHAT NOW, WHAT NEXT at a greatly reduced fee so that you have an opportunity to feel your way into the pillars of my practice. If you’re brand new to the Conscious Bites Campus, this is a lovely way to begin.

First, I’ll ask you to complete a detailed health history and palate pleaser™ so that I understand your likes and dislikes, health concerns, food sensitivities, and the unique story that colors your food life. Then, we’ll meet on the phone for a full hour to discuss tangible ways that you can begin to implement changes that are both deliciously satisfying AND sustainable. I use a body wisdom approach to nourishment. Your body is truly here to support you when you’re ready to listen to her wisdom.

One week later, we meet on the phone to see how you are integrating the material. You and me, over tea and some really good chocolate.

Are you ready to ‘lean in’ to a warmer, more nourishing relationship with food and your body?

Let’s connect.

Your Name: Sue Ann Gleason
Business Name: Conscious Bites Nutrition