J.Horton: Special Offer, Let & Her Bags

Recently back from Paris, Joan Horton, owner of the J.HORTON lifestyle store, is offering uniquely crafted and curated items from local and international designers for WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT shoppers.

This month, we’re featuring J. HORTON's Let & Her handbags, which have a cult following in Europe and the US, setting you apart from the crowd. Created by designers Phyllis and Laurence, childhood friends from Antwerp, Belgium who met again in Tel Aviv 5 years ago, these handbags are made for women who are “beyond the obviousness of a designer label” and “need no one to label her---she is her own brand”.

Each Let & Her bag is made from leather sourced in Italy and manufactured in Israel. The color combinations are bold and striking, with embossed “snakeskin” patterns outside and soft and subtle suede-like linings inside, enabling the bags to “slouch” over time, conforming to their owners own unique style.

Normally Priced at $650, WNWN member Joan Horton is offering the bags to our Marketplace shoppers at a reduced price of $550, with the following code:


Your Name: Joan Horton
Business Name: J. HORTON Store