The 5 Ws of Fractional Leadership — Who, What, Where, When and Wh

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How do you know when it's the time to hire a fractional?

Navigating the decision to bring on a fractional executive can be a challenging task for any organization.

Timing is crucial as bringing on a fractional executive too early or too late can result in missed opportunities or unnecessary expenses. Additionally, there are various considerations that must be taken into account such as determining the specific skills and expertise needed, evaluating the cost-benefit of a fractional hire, and considering the cultural fit within the organization.

Our panel discussion will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the nuances of determining the right time and approach for hiring a fractional executive, and help organizations make informed decisions on bringing on a fractional executive.

We will talk about when is the best time to hire one, what their job is, what you can expect from them, how much they cost, and how long is good time to have them working for you.

Our fractional executive panelists will provide insight and analysis on various key aspects such as:
Identifying the most opportune moment for such an hire
Determining the duties and responsibilities of a fractional executive
Expectations for performance
Market trends in terms of compensation
Determining an appropriate engagement duration

Meet our panel of fractional executive women:

VIRGINIE GLAENZER, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer
Fractional Web3 CMO Virginie leverages her skills to develop and champion a truly inclusive environment where teams thrive and bring their authentic selves to spark innovation and market growth.

SONIA COOK BROEN, Fractional Chief Technologist Officer
As a Fractional Technologist Officer, Sonia is passionate about leading teams creating beautiful user experience using her artistic and creative talents.

MINDY ANDERSON, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
With over 20 years of brand and digital marketing leadership experience with worldwide iconic brands, Mindy has a passion for working on big, challenging problems and finding creative solutions that reach people in an authentic and personal way.

SAMMI DITTLOFF, Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
With 16+ years of writing, promotions, analytics, and marketing experience, Sammi works with clients to create a purpose-driven, data-informed content and brand strategy that highlights what makes them wonderfully unique.

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Your Name: Virginie Glaenzer
Date Offered (if applicable): Mar 30, 2023
Business Name: AcornOak Agency Cooperative