The Abundance Economy Monthly Series: What is abundance?

Day: March 29th + 4 sessions starting on Wednesday, March 29th and the following 3 last Wednesday of each following month.

Time: 12 pm ET to 1:30 pm ET

Event Title:
The Abundance Economy Monthly Series: What is abundance? How do you perceive it? How do you shift your mindset to live in abundance? How do you build an abundant business?

Today’s economy is not just in a recession with disrupted supply chains or inflation: it’s the end of an era. We need to move from thinking about traditional economics to thinking about wealth. We might even begin to see that wealth is not the same as accumulation. This is a game-changer for those who can see it.
Attend the monthly workshop series beginning on March 29th at 12:00 PM Eastern Time to explore the new abundance economy, shift your perspective, and learn techniques to apply to both your personal and professional life.

This workshop is a free event, designed to harness the power of the group and gain insights from the collective knowledge of those in attendance.

March Session 1: What is Abundance?
-What is this exactly?
-How do you perceive abundance and how does it manifest In our daily lives
-How are you approaching the abundance Economy

April Session 2: How do you shift to an abundance mindset?
-Forms of value
-Sharing reciprocity

May Session 3: How do you live in abundance?
-What are the living practices of abundance?
-How do build supportive relationships and networks?

June Session 4: How do you build an abundant business?
-How does abundance impact how you work with brands and companies?
-What are your current opportunities and challenges?

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Your Name: Marita
Date Offered (if applicable): Mar 29, 2023
Business Name: The Abundance Economy