Lunch & Learn: DAO Talk. How to create, lead or manage a DAO.


Our expert, Jennifer Sanasie is a serial innovator with a passion for making Web3 accessible.

She is a co-host of the daily news show, The Hash on CoinDesk TV. CoinDesk is a leader in cryptocurrency and Web3 news with in-depth analysis, video and live price updates. Jennifer has worked with numerous Web3 projects and companies as a marketer, including Windranger Labs, a core contributor to BitDAO.

On October 25, Jennifer will be the Reap MeetUp speaker and address how to create, lead, and manage a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and share stories around challenges, opportunities, treasuries, and tooling.

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Your Name: Virginie Glaenzer
Date Offered (if applicable): Oct 25, 2022
Business Name: Reap Solution Inc