Discover 5 factors for starting a successful business

In this free webinar, you’ll discover the five strategic elements involved in starting a successful business.

A sustainable venture begins with the right blueprint. To help you create a thoughtful and effective plan for your business, our Reap host has created a strategic foundation and marketing framework for new entrepreneurs. Learn about the strategic elements you must consider to take your product to market - and why they are key to the success of your company.

Get a blueprint to start your business
Feel confident about your business foundation
Connect with other entrepreneurs

Who is this for:
First-time Founders looking for a roadmap and the right tools to succeed.
Join Pascal Ehrsam, Reap host and fractional CMO with 20 years of experience who will present the 5 elements involved in getting your business off the ground.

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Your Name: Virginie Glaenzer
Date Offered (if applicable): Oct 19, 2022
Business Name: Reap Community