Agua Baby Bodysuit

Ojala Threads' Agua Bodysuit is inspired by the Taino symbol for hurricanes. A reminder that storms have always come, and passed. Even when their intensity sometimes surprises.

The following poem, written by our founder, is included with each purchase.

"At moments we feel like dots. Standing on a shoreline. Awaiting the first hit from a storm we assume will be dark, loud and painful. But we often forget that storms can be a blessing.

A storm can clear your path, expose weaknesses, speed up growth.

And if my arms become your shore, is it even a real storm?

Isn’t it just water, flowing in a different pattern?"

Our premium cotton and spandex blend is softer to the touch. Flexible shoulders make for easy removal, even during the most difficult clean up sessions. Generous sizing* fits curvier babies better, because shopping for a baby shouldn't be a guessing game! Water based non toxic ink make this hand printed design pop!