Member Spotlight: Barbara Biziou, Barbara Biziou Productions, LLC

It’s the start of another New Year, a time when we’re all eager to explore new possibilities and embrace new approaches in our work, and in our lives. So, this month we’re turning our member spotlight on Barbara Biziou, who excels at helping women generate change all year long.

WNWN: Barbara, you're one of the first members of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT’s Marketplace and we’re always excited to share your powerful workshops, events and rituals with our members.

As an expert in global rituals, your work combines spiritual practices from around the world with the practical strategies and tactics you’ve developed during your years working with the corporate sphere. Your work is always evolving, meeting the needs of a wide range of professionals and introducing them to new methods for generating change.

This has been a particularly challenging period for all of us. What can our members learn in your upcoming Vision Workshop on January 15-16 that will help them regroup and create the changes they want and need in their business and personal lives in 2022..

Barbara: 2022 is another New Year filled with possibility. But nothing much will really change for us unless we learn how to consciously create new neural pathways that produce success building behaviors

My upcoming Vision 2022 Workshop, is a transformational 2-Day Retreat, taking place online January 15th and 16th. My aim is helping everyone open up to new ways of seeing things, instead of just creating what they already know. I want to help them connect to their unique gifts, tapping into their own true purpose, passion and potential.

The retreat involves learning practical spiritual techniques for dealing with stress and change. I’ll be leading powerful rituals that will give people tools for letting go of the old patterns that sabotage their growth. Special guests include an astrologer, sound healer and movement therapist.

WNWN: Barbara, you work with clients throughout the year, helping them stay on track so they can achieve more profound levels of success overall. Tell our members about some of the specific ways they can work with you.

Barbara: All of us struggle to keep the commitments we make to ourselves at the beginning of every year. Many of my clients continue working with me after the Vision so I can help them manifest their goals and passions all year long. I adapt my sessions to each person’s specific needs. Some clients are more tuned into working with tarot cards and rituals. Others are looking for ways to hone their communication skills and leadership qualities. I mix and match the processes and techniques I use based on each client’s individual orientation and perspective.

WNWN: I know you’re always performing ceremonies and rituals, everything from weddings and baby blessings to space clearings for new homes and offices, and even Broadway plays. You’ve studied with neuroscientists, psychologists, shamans, gurus and gifted guides across the board. Tell us about this part of your work.

Barbara: In the past few months I’ve done space clearings in offices, homes and apartments across the tri-state area and across the country on ZOOM too. People want to clear out the heaviness of COVID, making their living spaces and offices more inviting and lighter, so they can be open to new possibilities. I’ve performed wedding ceremonies, baby blessings and fertility rituals too.

WNWN: What are a few special tips you can share with our members as they get ready to start 2022?

Barbara: Take your time. The world is changing. Let go of trying to control everything; it’s a waste of time and energy. And don’t judge yourself. Be open to new pe