Women's Spiritual Support Circle

Gather bi-weekly for meaningful connection, spiritual support, sharing and writing.

This gathering is best suited for women who may feel alone or different, crave community and value an open space to share what's in their hearts and minds. So that participants can get to know each other and develop trust over time, this will be a closed group of up to 8 women.

Rev. Patricia is an ordained interspiritual/interfaith minister through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC. Her passion is supporting women to awaken to themselves and live as their most authentic self. She offers spiritual support and comfort through her calm, warm, open and welcoming presence. In her experience, writing has always been a spiritual practice as well as a tool for healing and self-expression. Rev. Patricia allows Spirit and intuition to guide her in service to all who join.

  • Take time for yourself
  • Express yourself through writing and sharing
  • Receive support and companionship
  • Build meaningful connections

The Circle is co-created by the energy and presence of the women who commit to attend. Our time together will include meditation, grounding exercises, music, writing and check-ins. Our support for each other shows up as active and compassionate listening without giving advice.

Confidentiality is a top priority.

Open to women of all ethnic, racial and spiritual backgrounds as well as Lesbian/Bisexual women.


Your Name: Rev. Patricia Philippe
Date Offered (if applicable): Sep 24, 2021
Business Name: Reverend Patricia Philippe