Taxation, Deductions & Compliance for Corporations

Taxation, Deductions & Compliance for Corporations

This Event Will Cover the Following Information:

• Reasons to operate your business as a corporation.
• What MUST be done to get corporation benefits.
• Legal standing, alter ego—lost tax benefits, lost asset protection
• The legal structure of corporations.
• Taxation of corporations, LLC corps and subchapter S elections.
• Out-of-state corporations, California and nexus tax issues.
• Tax deductions for corporations—recordkeeping, reporting, compliance.
• Corporation-owned and personally-owned vehicles—tax treatment and reporting.
• Fringe benefits for working owners.
• Accountable reimbursement plans and eligibility.
• Home office tax treatment for corporation businesses.
• TCJA-New Qualified Business Income deduction.
• Start-up and organizational costs of corporations.
• Reasonable compensation and distributions for working owners.
• Loans v. capital—IRS problems if not documented.
• Health insurance—tax treatment and reporting for corporations.
• Capital accounts and at-risk limitations.
• Closing or dissolving corporations.

Date: July 7, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Registration is FREE:

This event will be led by Randy Roth who will share thirty-one years of experience as a tax and business advisor in how to properly form and maintain a Corporation

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