Atabey Velon

Ritual. Process. Practice.

Over generations Tainos have adopted western religions, rarely recognizing their own cemies hidden within layers of formality and marble. But we have always practiced, creating and repeating rituals that included fire, water and faith.

Ojala Threads Atabey Velon marries our ancestral reverence for our goddess Atabey and the modern practice of candle magic. We sourced our velones (candles) from Original Botanica located in the Bronx. Each is made in the Dominican Republic and infused with magic activated by your faith.

Your velon features a reusable sticker featuring Atabey and our recommendations for how to engage Atabey, and which offerings she will respond to. But keep in mind that there is no wrong answer when spirit and ancestors are concerned. Intuition should be your guide.

Velon Options:

Black: This candle is recommended for those seeking separation, breaks and endings.

Blue: Those facing legal, complex, or court matters will benefit from the peace and wisdom this candle offers.

Brown: This candle will assist those seeking balance, concentration and increased telepathic power.

Yellow: This candle can assist those seeking success,help with creativity or greater concentration.

Additional Information:

2 1/2" Wide 
8 1/4" Tall
Each velon will burn approximately 140 hours
100% Paraffin Wax
Your Name: Ramona Ferreyra
Business Name: Ojala Threads Inc.