8-Week Creative Writing Circle for BIPOC Women

Where are the spaces for women of color to write about joy, grief, pain and the beauty of life?

Join Rev. Patricia for an 8-week prompt-based creative writing workshop for women who identify as Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color (BIPOC). Connect with an intimate group of six women on a journey of discovery and self-expression while you develop or strengthen yourself as a writer. Writing together in a BIPOC community offers the freedom to write about anything you want without feeling restricted in any way.

This writing circle is for new or established writers of any genre. Rather than teaching you how to write, the workshop offers a casual, open and non-judgmental space to discover the stories inside, experiment with creative self-expression and connect with your light. No prior writing experience is needed.

The workshop is facilitated using the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. A key difference between this and other workshops is that all writing is treated as fiction and only positive/encouraging feedback is given on the writing.

Feedback From Participants

"I like the range of prompts that intimated that spiritual writing can be prompted by any and all experiences."

“Rev. Patricia facilitated a peaceful, attendee guided workshop. I was encouraged personally in my writing and enjoyed the heart of encouragement for the other writers. Patricia’s calm demeanor and her beautiful welcoming smile was very inviting!"

To ground ourselves, we’ll start with breathing exercises and meditation to release stress and tension before we write.

Haven't written with me before? Check out a one-hour workshop I facilitate for FeelReal.

No prior writing experience is required.

Your Name: Patricia Philippe
Date Offered (if applicable): Jul 12, 2021
Business Name: Reverend Patricia Philippe