How To Video: Create Your New Marketplace Listings for 2022

Step by Step Video:

How to Create Your Marketplace Listings

Happy New Year! In 2022, our goal is helping you grow your business, --- connecting you with new customers, clients, and the business resources you need to succeed.

This Step by Step Video walks you through the process of creating new Marketplace Listings for your products and services, so you can get found more easily online.

As soon as you post your listing, we’ll start promoting your business across our whole network of members, partners and supporters.

Each new listing goes out immediately in WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT's newsletter. We share your listings via our social media too.

It only takes a few minutes to create your Listings and Profile. Just click on this Step by Step Video leading you through each simple step.

So come join us! We're excited about helping you launch and grow your ventures in 2022!