Local Produce and Food Delivery Service

This startup was born and raised at a farm. We started Farmers Market on Wheels because we wanted to raise up small farmers. 1 year later, we're helping 160 small vendors and farmers. We are self-funded, women owned and built around the premise of raising everyone up in the community. As a testament of the good we've done, we are continually motivated by the thank you's we receive from small vendors, farmers, businesses and customers. Just like Renee's email to us:

"Thank you for this great delivery! This is the best! I love the promptness. The packaging and labeling. And most of all the high quality of the food in the box. Excellent.
I have had other farm box deliveries. None compare to the quality of this delivery. You rock this service!"

Our farmers and vendors are personally vetted by Judy and I. They are A+ in our books. Feel free to contact or DM me for any additional question about our awesome service for our community.


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Northern California
Your Name: Carla Bayot
Business Name: Farmers Market On Wheels