Half-Hour Hand Workshop Sunday March 7th (Zoom)

How about some Love for those hard-working Hands? Something different from me!

Sure to relax your tender tendons as well as your over-active mind XOXOX The benefits of this Hand work can be felt all the way up to your shoulders and neck.

Hand Workshop Sunday March 7th

1:00 to 1:30pm EST
Only on Zoom
**A recording will be provided to participants, and available for purchase after the workshop.

  1. * MELT performance kit * - $28.95


  1. My Melyssa Davis Wellness RistRoller - $20 to Melyssa ✨ includes mailing


YESSS!!! Each of these tools is tiny, portable, lightweight, and can also be used for FEET!!

Got questions? - Email me for more information! ✨ wellness@melyssadavis.com

Below please find some Feedback from my past "Hand" workshop attendees...

“I feel a real hope now. I thought I’d tried everything, including surgery (which did nothing), and this just feels RIGHT. I’m excited to continue MELTing!”

“GREAT workshop.”

“Now I really understand how nourishing the fascia helps my clients with hand issues. Motion is lotion and this is more than just motion, for the joints and muscles.”

“Thank you so much for sharing. It was a pleasure to join.” #melton

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Your Name: Melyssa Davis
Date Offered (if applicable): Mar 7, 2021