Helping you Find and Attract Customers Fast

Are you struggling to bring in new clients for your business?

Are you wondering how to go from 0 followers into having raging fans for your brand?

Imagine if you were to have a pipeline of new customers ready to do business with you?

A lot of my clients feel marketing can be intimidating for one reason: YOU CAN LOSE MONEY

Nobody wants to lose money... but how do you know that your marketing budget is being used effectively and reflecting on your bottom line?

That's where I come in.

As a Certified Marketing Professional, Serial Entrepreneur and Inventor, I have spent over 10+ years steeped in this knowledge.

I am here to help you get straight to your ideal customer and grow your business.

I handle the following so you can focus on your business:

  1. Marketing Research
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Social Media Audit
  4. Create a Marketing Plan
  5. Conduct a Marketing Campaign
  6. Develop a Successful Content Schedule

If your ready to free up your time while having customers find you easier online, contact me ASAP. Accepting only 5 new clients in 2021.

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Northern California
Your Name: Dakota Dilger
Business Name: Dako Marketing