Preparing Financial Projections: A 4-Part Series


Event Details:

This 4 Part Series will offer a step-by-step guide on preparing financial projections for your business

If you are running a startup, looking to attract new investors, or applying for a business loan or line of credit, this is for YOU!

This virtual workshop series will teach you to:

• Create a sales projection
• Create a balance sheet projection
• Create an expense projection
• Create an income statement projection

Dates & Times:

• (Part 1) Feb 16th, 2021, Tuesday, 6-7pm PT
• (Part 2) Mar 2nd, 2021, Tuesday, 6-7pm PT
• (Part 3) Mar 16th, 2021 Tuesday, 6-7pm PT
• (Part 4) Mar 30th, 2021, Tuesday 6-7pm PT

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Northern California
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Date Offered (if applicable): Feb 16, 2021
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