Virtual Leadership Training - Upward Spiral Program

6 Week Virtual Happiness Immersion

“Anyone seeking to put happiness into their own hands would benefit from working with Dr Aymee and Happiness for HumanKind.” — DR MARSHALL GOLDSMITH - #1 LEADERSHIP THINKER, EXECUTIVE COACH, NYT BESTSELLING AUTHOR

The Upward Spiral Program merges science and spirituality into a 6 week journey that teaches how to embody the basics of sustainable happiness. Become empowered to choose happiness, create positive mood and increase your emotional resiliency.

This online course has an integrated approach which offers an immersion experience that can do the course from anywhere in the world. Classes alternate between happiness science and subconscious healing.

Empowerment over mental health
Mastery over positive mood
Resiliency tools
Daily fitness & weight loss
Cleansing, brain chemistry balancing
Spiritual heart & emotional healing

Enhances overall work performance
Reduces stress & anxiety
Improves concentration & ADD/ADHD
Boosts mood & eases depression
Improves health & energy levels
Enhances empathy & relationships

Positive Psychology
Positive Mood & Resiliency
Fitness & Nutrition
Energy Healing

On demand support ("In the moment" coaching and support for challenges between classes)

COST: $6,000
Payment plans available.

Featured Regional Marketplace:
Northern California
Your Name: Aymee Coget
Date Offered (if applicable): Jun 1, 2020
Business Name: Happiness for HumanKind