Virtual Leadership Training - Happiness Makeover

Give yourself a Happiness Immersion!

“Happiness for HumanKind has taken the science of happiness and made it accessible to all. They bring energy, passion, and joy to the work, while drawing on research to provide practical advice. If you want to experience more energy, passion, and joy in your life—whatever it is that you do—follow this system.” — TAL BEN-SHAHAR, PH.D., FIRST HAPPINESS PROFESSOR AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY & NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF HAPPIER

Experience a transformation that makes you happy. Our program enhances overall performance, reduces stress, improves health and relationships, and treats the symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and both ADD/ADHD and PTSD.

Twelve 2 hr classes. Course includes 6 coaching sessions & happiness science implementation, plus 6 reiki sessions and work on past trauma and how to move beyond it. Cost includes on-call support for any challenges that threaten your newly found happiness.

Integrated Approach

Take charge of your happiness and create positive mood habits.

Find more meaning and purpose in your life, and learn how to heal yourself through divorce, break-ups and grief.

The Happiness Makeover can help with leadership goals, conflict resolution, mediation, career, spiritual guidance and goal achievement.

This aspect of the program includes: nutrition technology, cellular detoxification, brain chemistry re-balancing, daily exercise and optional weight loss programs.

Do you want to lose weight in a reasonable amount of time? Help your body release toxicity, lose weight and rebalance natural brain chemistry.

Reiki is an energetic healing technique which aims to help address and relieve subconscious trauma on all levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A growing scientific body of research is developing around the effects of reiki healing including relief from pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

“I have grown so much on my journey, and have learned that I am in control of my own happiness. My happiness score was probably about a 4 or 5 when I started the program, and now I am a 10!! I have learned so many skills and techniques to help myself, my family, and my friends. My immediate family members are also doing the Happiness Makeover, and I am looking forward to their completion of the program as well. Dr. Aymee is a true blessing to me and my family!”
— Cindy Williams

COST = $9,000
Payment plans available.

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Northern California
Your Name: Aymee Coget
Date Offered (if applicable): Jun 1, 2020
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