Elite Vivant

Latifah’s mission is to propel businesses and entrepreneurs into the digital stratosphere. Integrating creative visuals with effective strategies to accelerate endeavors in Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, and Optimizing Business Operations and Networks.

As Founder and Creative Director Latifah leads here team in strategizes and grows the online presence of brands and thought leaders. Our team supports the goals of our clients and integrates the best of web design, workflow optimization, and digital marketing to build brand awareness and overall growth for our clients no matter the success, size, or stage of the company.

Prior to founding Elite Vivant in 2015, Latifah spent 10 years as a successful make-up artist and photographer while simultaneously beginning to hone her creative and digital skills. In 2015 she launched Elite Vivant and began creating digital marketing strategies for Authors, C-Suite Executives, Models and other entrepreneurs / professionals to ensure a sound digital strategy to grow their brand. Her portfolio encompasses a wide variety of brands, including personal branding, fashion, beauty, finance, and lifestyle brands; moreover, Latifah’s high attention to detail brings a client’s vision to life with imagery and strategy for a business or personal brand.

Since establishing Elite Vivant, she has mastered Personal Branding, WorkFlow, Operation Management, Web Design, Graphic Creation, and Digital Marketing to augment and enhance a brand or thought leader’s online presence. Through leading and overseeing each project as well as managing her team, she exceeds clients’ expectations by providing creative, strategic digital products that yield results.

To learn more about Latifah and her team visit: https://elitevivant.com/meet-the-team/

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