Keya Patel

My name is Keya. I was born in USA and grew up in India. I have seen how women are restricted in every manner in society and kept them away from every possible growing opportunities or the dreams they want to pursue in life and therefore I always wanted to do something that becomes inspiration to the women who knows me and want to live their life differently with their own rule and without any restrictions.
I have worked more than 15 years in wholesale and distribution of south Asian grocery business. What makes strange is this particular wholesale of Indian grocery business is dominated by Men’s even though in general Indian women has more knowledge, wisdom about food and food products , nutrition and quality . I want to change that domination and the mentality specially in Indian communities that kept women away for so long . I am so greatful to have wonderful husband who understands me and also favors women empowerment. He supported and encouraged me to make my mark. Today by grace of god and blessings from my in laws and parents , I am the business owner of company doing wholesale and distribution of Indian groceries in USA and am so proud that I doing that so effectively and fighting to break the men domination in this business industry.

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