Julz Allender

Julz (Julia) Allender has been a top-performing professional in many different sectors of business and performance over the last 15 years. She is a professional financial coach and a licensed and certified Life, Health and Annuity agent representing a number of the top financial companies in the country.

Prior to coming into the financial professional industry, Julz spent 10 years as a collegiate basketball head coach where her teams achieved tremendous success but what was more impressive was the individual success each player had on and off the court. Julz took the time to coach each player to flourish beyond their potential level in their own lives.

Julz also spent four years as a professional Human Resources specialist in the training and development of individual employees for their specified positions and ensured each one succeeded.

"I coach individuals and families on their finances and educate them about the significant variables of how money and tax-advantage strategies work so that they can profit financially now and in the future. I get you to achieve your big financial wins. My passion is to help others and get them to accomplish financial and life goals for themselves and their loved ones. I can guarantee you nobody will coach you better on your finances than me."

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