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I'm Joanne Friedland Roberts, Co-Founder of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, a collaborative network powered by women entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, consultants, and gig economy freelancers.

WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT is a launching pad for building and growing your dreams, bringing together all the expertise and resources you need, whether you’re getting ready to start a new venture, or grow one.

Our Marketplace is one of those powerful resources. You can create listings for your products and services and connect more easily with the customers and clients who are looking for what you have to offer. You can share your expertise, team up with other women and find the support you need as you launch and grow your ventures.

My business partner, Peggy Doyle and I created WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT after searching for resources that provided the solutions and support we (and our friends) needed as we pursued our own entrepreneurial vision. We aim to empower women entrepreneurs with practical tools like our Marketplace, networking events both online and in-person, and learning opportunities that will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge.

You can get started by listing your products or services here in our Marketplace.

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Joanne Friedland Roberts

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